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The McGuire Financial Group Presents The


An EXCLUSIVE FREE Dinner/Seminar For Physicians ONLY

Featuring Glen P. Zacher, CFP, CSC, PFP

In Partnership With
John J. Moakler, Jr., BMath, CFP, CLU Author of Heal Thy Wealth

How Doctors Are Misdiagnosing Their Own Financial Health
And What They Can Do About It

SORRY. September 2017 sessions are full.

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Meet with financial planning expert and author Glen P. Zacher, CFP,CSC,PFP to learn how you are MISDIAGNOSING your financial health and what you can do about it.

Please join one of Canada’s Top Financial Planning Teams for a delightful dinner and networking event and uncover how to Heal Thy Wealth if you want to reduce your income taxes or to maximize the effectiveness of your professional corporation.

Topics & Strategies For Doctors


You Will Learn How To:

✔  Reduce Your Taxes through Innovative Income Splitting Strategies
✔  Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Professional Corporation
✔  Turn Personal Costs into Tax Deductible Corporate Expenses
✔  Create a Pension Plan inside your Corporation
✔  Create a Tax Free Retirement Pay Cheque
✔  Have Your Corporation Pay for all of your Family Medical Expenses
✔  Fund Your Children’s Education Through Your Corporation
✔  Utilize Trusts to Help Protect Your Wealth